Thursday, November 24, 2005

Meijer and the Thanksgiving Day

first, I want to take this opportunity of wishing all upon this earth a very Happy Thanksgiving.

I love this holiday, ab-so-lute-ly love it! this is one of the two things I look forward to every year. so, I'm always astonished at myself when this most cherished, beloved and anticipated event sneaks up on me!

no joke, last night at 9pm I suddenly realized that I had to prepare the turkey for the smoker in the morning. 9pm! and while I am hastily pulling out the 18.74 lbs. of defrosted turkey it hits me...I have to go to Meijer! aaaggghhhh! my mental list starts to overwhelm me, aluminum foil, mesquite chips for the smoker, grapes (I had a craving), garnish to display around the turkey, lava rocks--again, the smoker, baby wipes, etc. the kicker is this, we had a snow storm last night and the roads looked treacherous. I knew my grocery jaunt to Meijer would have to be put off till morning.

so, much to my surprise, my husband tells me he is going to make the trek to Meijer for me! he purchased all the necessary items and even reported back to me the following: Jessica got pregnant to save her marriage with Nick. missing-in-Aruba-Natalie has called home from Aruba, turns out she's been with the van der Sloot's the whole time, and on this busy Thanksgiving morning there were 8 out of 32 check-out lanes open!

now that would have been a sight, 8 check-out lanes open at the same time, it truly is a day of thanks-giving.

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