Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meijer and the hiatus

you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything for awhile. it isn't laziness--in this case--I haven't posted because I have been actively engaged in 'research.'

I've been purposely shopping at Kroger to see if all the craziness heretofore (been dyin' to use that word) recorded was unique to Meijer or if grocery stores the world over are just as nutty. Here's what I discovered...

nope. it's just Meijer.

I tried every stunt research tool in the book while shopping Kroger: varied the days/times I went (9:05am instead of 9:00am), varied my shopping list to put me in unusual aisles (lemon curd & gluten-free), bantered with the locals (recipe-swappers) I even spoke to the Kroger employees (helpful, informative)! a blatant 'no-no' at Meijer.

nothin'. nada. zip. zilch.

from management to shopper--completely, unequivocally, normal.

apparently, one of the two reasons the earth has not spun out of control is because 1. the laws of astrophysics won't allow it and 2. crazies and non-crazies have different grocery stores.

so the result of my research? my heart and cracked mind belong to: Meijer the superstore.