Saturday, May 08, 2010

Meijer and the dogocide moment

it's not as if I'm some u-scan etiquette know-it-all/expert...full-time.

regardless, I'm almost sure that using the u-scan to purchase the pre-assembled floor model barbeque grill, along with propane tank just isn't cricket. especially when u-scan lackey has to call in reinforcements to lift the behemoth for the u-scan to read the UPC. 

sigh, no--they didn't think to pull the UPC sticker off. Meijer, remember?

perhaps the whole barbeque scene wouldn't have been so annoying if the other three u-scans were available, alas...

u-scan #2 was having a computer temper tantrum, monitor flashing, speaker screaming (can a computer scream?) 'I do not want to bag this item! I do not want to bag this item!'

#3 was being (ab)used by a first timer: first time using u-scan, first time using a touch screen, first time using a credit card, first time reading and breathing at the same time, etc.

#4 was confounded by a Meijer associate/customer trying to use their Meijer discount card, WIC card, senior citizen discount, and pay with their daughter's credit card. 

I admit it, after about six minutes of standing in line, the 40 pound bag of dog food in my cart suddenly seemed unimportant. probing questions filled my mind, like; "does the dog really need to eat? can't I just build a trough and feed him scraps from the table? don't most third world populations eat dog? how much would a taxidermist charge me to immortalize my bulldog? less than the 40 pound bag of food?" 

just as my grip tightened on the cart handle to swerve out of line, a u-scan opened up, the dog food scanned the first time, and within seconds my #3 u-scan was thanking me for shopping at Meijer. 

my dog eats well...for at least one more month. 

we'll see how next month goes.