Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meijer and the touch screen conversation

u-scan screen: "are you using your own bag?" screen displays I'm using my own bag button.
me: index finger tap.

u-scan screen: I'm using my own bag. (again)
me: index finger jab/tap.

u-scan screen: I'm using my own bag. (AGAIN)
me: middle finger jab twist, followed up with verbal, "what the?!"

u-scan screen: picture of purse, keys, and red arrows pointing up and out, "please remove items from bagging area."
me: trying to get the attention of the u-scan lackey, while explaining to the u-scan, "I want to use my own bag!"

u-scan screen: "please wait for attendant." green light above touch screen now turns to DEFCON red.
me: trying to get the attention of the "attendant" chatting up another u-scan customer about the amazing technology advances in the grocery industry. I turn back to the screen in exasperation as it loops through its message for the 6th time, "please wait for attendant."

foreshadowing note: should I ever completely lose "it," please use this blog to prove that Meijer is the culprit and should pay for a live-in nurse to change my adult diapers.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad someone will be changing your adult diapers.

    "Unauthorized item placed in bagging area.

    "Unauthorized item placed in bagging area."

    "PLEASE remove unauthorized item placed in bagging area."

    "Wait for cashier attendant"

    I hate the self-checkout. Makes me feel really stoopid. Like I can't do it right. And then some snaggle-toothed cashier weirdo comes up and with a smug smirk hits a few buttons and TA-DA! everything is as it should be. Except I'm a little (a lot) humiliated.