Monday, February 23, 2009

Meijer and the banana blitz

no, I haven't been issued a "cease and desist" from the Meijer minds. just enjoying my kids' winter break from school and finishing some "research" for my blog next week...

I'll post this short, but sweet Meijer crazy gem:

Meijer is having a sale on apples, $1 per pound, color me red and delicious. actually, I opted for something a little more flamboyant, the PINATA apple (tilda over the "N" implied). the name says it all, resistance is futile.

I'm feeling festive with those massive apples in my cart as I samba my way over to the bananas. Pinata (again with the tilda) apples with Chiquita bananas, I smell par-tay! with carnaval music thumping in my head, I manuever next to a couple silently/blankly staring at the bananas. I'm tapping my foot to the only-in-my-head beat, perusing for some sunshine-y delights when the woman next to me suddenly throws up her hands and declares (a little too loudly), "I can't deal with the bananas right now" turns to her husband(?) and wimpers, "you deal with them, I can't take it today."

there are days when I wonder if I should be wearing a kevlar vest to Meijer.

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  1. I totally know how she feels. Some days I can't deal with the bananas either. It's just too much!!