Monday, June 13, 2011

Meijer and the face-up penny

OMGosh! Meijer's electric gas price sign blinks from $3.85/gal to $3.75!! Ninety degree swerve left and I'm cued up for unleaded pole position. that face-up penny this morning has just paid off.

per the standard rules of Meijer Gas station etiquette, I pay attention to traffic flow and advance on an empty pump--and so did Ms. Subaru, from the opposite side. apparently, Ms. Subaru thinks the mongo yellow arrows on the gum-smeared asphalt pointing in her direction means she's been selected to enter the wrong way. grrr.

but, whatever, we're Honda to Subaru nose, but it can't squelch my Christmas morning delight that gas is actually under $4 again. I can't stop my feet from jigging a hot-potato... jig.

$66.10 later (gulp), I slide onto my leather interior, seat belt clicked, ignition on, I look up-- at Ms. Subaru giving me the "move along" hand gesture, followed by the impatient pointing to the cellphone at her ear, in her best, "Duh! I'm on the phone!"

deep inhale. Inner peace, inner peace, inner... peace. deep exhale.

1. It's illegal to hold a cellphone and drive in this city, and
2. Does she honestly think a Motorola RAZR gives her Diplomatic Immunity?

I'm about to pull a Fried Green Tomatoes on this woman, but the $3.75/gal happy endorphins are still going strong. I check my mirror, no one behind me, I slide the gear shift into R, secretly smug that I'm the better person. ;)

unfortunately, Ms. Subaru's busy life and tight time schedule meant she couldn't wait 15 seconds for me to accomplish the above, she huffed, squeezed her Motorola tighter, threw her car into R-- and used her Forester's rear end to wipe the nose of one 2011 Mercedes E class... trying to exit the proper way.

can you say: Uber-ouchen?

poor woman, all I could think was, "I must have picked up her lucky penny."

tee hee.

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