Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Meijer and the Thanksgiving Day Eve

the funny thing about human nature is that more often than not, it will surprise you. that's a pretty startling realization for someone like me. I mean after 9 years of "living la vida Meijer" and 30 postings of the Meijer Chronicles, I thought I'd seen all the intricate/chaotic prisms human nature had to offer. tonight is my one year anniversary of starting the Meijer Chronicles and it is the eve of Thanksgiving Day. as is my tradition, (tradition gives a better image than "harried mom trying to pull things together at the last minute") I made my Thanksgiving Eve jaunt to Meijer.

there's really no other way to put it, I wasn't prepared for this evening's Meijer experience. oh, I was prepared to encounter the Meijer-induced headache, the crowds, the crazies, etc. what I wasn't prepared for was the Norman Rockwell-esque scenes that I happened upon throughout the store tonight.

I wasn't prepared to see long-grey haired child of the sixties man give in to his granddaughter when she asked for crunchy Jif peanut butter instead of the organic non-Jif peanut butter for tomorrow's peanut butter chocolate pie.

I wasn't prepared for orange juice Meijer associate worker to smile at me when I asked if he knew where bread crumbs were, and then give me the correct aisle.

I wasn't prepared for early 20's girl on her haunches reaching to the back of the bottom shelf, handing off a third bag of rolls to her husband when suddenly, the rolls ran out. she swore while looking at her list, and choking back frustration said, "we need one more bag." I could tell that this one bag was about to do her in--the "perfect day" ruined. what a tender scene to see her husband kneel down next to her, rub her back and reason that, " so and so doesn't eat carbs, and I don't need any rolls either..."

I wasn't prepared to see goth-girl and all her myriads of piercings, tattoos and black fingernails reaching for allspice, poultry seasoning and pumpkin pie filling.

Yep, Rockwell-esque.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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